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Architect or builder – Who do you speak to first?

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Not everyone wants to build a custom designed home but if that’s what you’d like to do, who do you speak to first – the architect or the builder? The answer can be a bit tricky so let’s start by looking at the similarities and differences between architects and builders.


  1. Good builders and architects want to help you create your dream home. They each have different roles in the process but both should be focused on helping you realise your vision.
  • They are both highly qualified in their respective fields.
  • You should feel confident the architect and builder are listening to your wish list and guiding you through the decision-making process to ensure your dream home is within your budget.
  • They will both consider the aspect, geology and topography of your land and make recommendations if any of these factors will impact the design of your home.


  1. Architects design homes. Builders take those designs and often refine them to suit the practicalities of your site and your budget.
  • During construction, problems or challenges with the design may arise. It’s usually the builder who finds the solution as architects generally consider the project completed once the final plans are approved.

If you want a custom-designed home, who should you contact first?

When you engage ZAC Homes, you are dealing with both the builder and the architect. That means every phase of the design and construction of your home is seamless because the entire team is working together to create your dream.

As soon as you contact ZAC Homes, you will receive a dedicated Design Consultant who will help you through the entire process – from start to finish. If you decide you would like to build your own custom-designed home, your Design Consultant will arrange a meeting with one of our in-house architects. As part of this meeting, you will cover your ideas, style preferences, wish list and budget.

Once you decide to proceed, the ZAC Homes architects and construction teams will liaise with each other behind the scenes to ensure your custom designed plans will:

  • Work on your site
  • Fit your budget
  • Fulfil your new home dreams

With everyone working together, the entire process is streamlined, efficient, cost-effective and very easy for you – the homeowner.

If this sounds like the level of service you’d like to receive from both your builder and your architect, get in touch with ZAC Homes.