Sloping Block House Designs To Suit Your Land

Sloping Block House DesignsDid you know that having a sloping block in Sydney does not mean having to compromise on home design, floor plan layout, rooms, functionality or features?

ZAC Homes is one of Sydney’s leading home builders and for the past two decades we have been creating a diverse range of sloping block house designs

We know how to get the most potential from your land – whether it slopes from front-to-back, back-to-front, side-to-side or diagonally. Whether you are above or below the road.

Pursuit Of Excellence

ZAC Homes is passionate about quality and workmanship. Our clients are discerning and expect the very best and we make sure every home, regardless of the budget, includes the highest standards in design and materials.

There are some new home builders in Sydney who offer add-on packs of features. ZAC Homes includes these features as standard. This is why we are renowned in the Sydney building market for excellence in sloping block house designs.

Your Land Or Ours

Most sloping block projects fall under two categories: clients who live on a sloping block and do not want to leave their neighbourhood and those who have seen a sloping block that they would like to build on.

This is why we specialise in knock down rebuilds. You can have a modern, spacious home at the same address. We take care of the council documentation, demolition of the old home and removal of rubbish.

We Welcome Your Input

With 22+ years of building in Sydney, ZAC Homes has a variety of sloping block house designs. These range from less than $1,000,000 to millions of dollars and we can tailor them to suit your needs, budget and lifestyle.

We encourage participation from our clients and invite you to join the ZAC Homes split level home design team. We can show you sloping block house designs in other parts of Sydney to stimulate your imagination, then we can work together on your perfect dream home.

Become your own new home builder! You might like to use the sloping block to your advantage by having a hideaway parents’ retreat or several balconies to enjoy the view? This will not cost thousands of dollars (like other Sydney home builders) because at ZAC Homes you can input your own variations to the floor plan and facade design style for just $1500.

The ZAC Homes design team can show you sloping block house designs on sloping blocks in other parts of Sydney, to stimulate your thinking, then we can work together on totally unique sloping block house designs that express your individuality and ideas.

We encourage your contribution. Come join us and have direct input into the floor plan and facade choices*.

*Offer available at $1500 for custom design of floor plan, facade, contour survey and soil classification (bore hole soil sample).

Contact ZAC Homes today on 1300 350 793 for Sloping Block House Designs.

Sloping Block House Designs