Building Custom Dream Homes

Building Custom Dream Homes

Building your custom designed home is all about turning your dreams into reality – a skill that comes from years of experience and an understanding of what customers really want. 

ZAC Homes has built its reputation around understanding exactly what its customers want and need, and with almost 23 years of experience in building custom designed homes, the company has an impressive portfolio of successfully built homes all over Sydney on blocks of all shapes, sizes and angles.

“We are one of Sydney’s leading new home builders which means that we have the experience, skills and above all, the passion to build your new custom designed home to suit your exact individual requirements and specifications”, says Peter Zaccazan, founder, owner and director of Zac Homes.

“We understand that everyone is an individual, and so having an individually-designed home that reflects both your personal tastes and unique requirements should always be the rule, and never the exception”, says Mr. Zaccazan.

Like an artistic masterpiece, Zac Homes can design your dream home starting with your initial ideas as a blank canvas. Then, from floor to ceiling theycan create a uniquely designed home that best suits your wants and needs- both for today and for tomorrow.

“It’s not only about the cost but also about the medium-to-long term benefits and features your new home will have”, says Mr. Zaccazan.

ZAC Homes simple checklist for those looking to build a custom designed property includes:

  • What is the main feature of my new home?
  • How will this home suit my family the best?
  • How many bedrooms do I want?
  • Do I have children or am I intending to start a family?
  • Where does my family spend the most of their time?
  • How much entertaining does my family do?
  • How long will I live in this home?

“At ZAC Homes, we can build a custom designed home to suit the most discerning of clients – all you need to do is to bring us your dreams”.

“We are not just builders – we are experts in listening to our clients and turning their dreams into reality”, Mr. Zaccazan says.

…ZAC Homes kept us regularly up to date with the progress of our home and the job was finished on time, which was very important to us. We are one hundred percent happy with our home and can thoroughly recommend ZAC Homes and their crew to anyone contemplating building a home.

Bilynda & Paul Robins

…Firstly I would like to thank the ZAC homes team for the experience that my wife and I have had when making the purchase of an investment property. The professionalism and dedication that was displayed, was by far the best that we have seen or experienced previously.

Bob F.

I can not speak more highly of this local building company. Right from the beginning they have been excellent to deal with…The finishes were very good and any work that I wanted fixed which was minor things was done


Very well managed with no hidden cost or surprises. Workmanship was excellent and very professional


Really pleased with the building process, communication and designs. Would definitely recommend.

Hannah Johnston

The customer service and assistance was superb with quick turn around times and patience with our queries. Everything from initial consultation, to colour selection to hand-over was organised easily and open communication was maintained throughout the process.

Daniel North