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Things to consider when designing that perfect kitchen

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Designing the perfect kitchen can be a seriously daunting task. We all have an image of what we want the finished product to look and feel like, but most of us are faced with financial constraints or limited space that may govern the final result. Let’s face it, we’d all love to have everything, but at the end of the day, most of us will have to compromise on a few things. That’s where asking yourself a few essential questions will come in handy and ultimately help you to make the right decisions for your perfect home.

Is cooking your thing?

If the answer is ‘yes’, then maybe it’s about organising your space to give you loads of preparation space and ensuring that your appliances are up to the task. Maybe set aside some additional funds to cover some premium appliance upgrades. Ovens especially have different functionalities to suit different cooks so it’s worth doing your homework and getting it right. Is a WOK Burner important? Do you prefer gas or electric appliances? Is there space for 900mm appliances or would you rather have smaller appliances and more bench space? Simple things like ducting your rangehood externally are also little bonuses for a kitchen that will be getting a pretty decent workout!

Have you considered your power points?

These are often the forgotten hero in most kitchens. Consider how many appliances you have and how they’ll be utilized in your kitchen. Power points can now be added to the end panels of kitchen cupboards and you could even consider having a retractable power point that sits under the bench and pops up when needed. Don’t forget USB charger ports as well – remember the kitchen bench is where most of us charge phones and laptops!

Do you want that ‘wow’ factor?

While it makes sense to think ‘function over form’, nobody can dispute the impact that a gorgeous kitchen has on a home! Never underestimate the power of the ‘wow’ factor when people see your kitchen for the first time. Colours and finishes will always be governed by the style of home you’re building, so, searching for images that appeal is a great way to start. If you’re a little budget-conscious, perhaps you’ll prioritise a premium benchtop colour and work the cupboard door colours and materials into something a little more cost-effective? In which case, what colour handles are you thinking? Or maybe you want no handles with a shadowline? Don’t forget, you also need to decide on a splashback finish. Will it be tiles, coloured glass or maybe you’ll consider continuing your benchtop colour up onto your splashback. The options are endless and ultimately will depend on you!

You’ll also be spoilt for choice when it comes to sinks and tapware. Stainless steel is no longer the only option, so working your sink in with your kitchen colour scheme is now easier than ever. Depending on the style of your home, you could even have black, white, gold, copper and even ceramic, with tapware to suit – a beautiful tap can make all the difference!

Lights – bright, moody and/or statement?

Lastly, consider lighting as both decorative and functional. Downlights will make working in the kitchen a breeze. Just be sure to position the downlights so as not to create shadowing where you need light the most. Think also about the impact LED strip lighting may have to the underside of cupboards and even benchtops. And of course, a hot little pendant light could certainly finish off your masterpiece.

There really are hundreds of things to consider when thinking about your dream kitchen, but hopefully these questions will help narrow them down. Above all, have fun and take your time; you’ll be in this kitchen for many years to come, so it needs to be perfect! And just remember, a good designer will work to your budget and deliver solutions to help make that dream kitchen a reality. So, get creative and let us know how we can help!

The 5 stages of building a new home

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Buy or Build? For some, it can be hard to decide between the two options. For others, the choice is clear … They want their home to be uniquely theirs – not a compromise that someone else has owned before them.

If you’re considering building your own home, you might be wondering what’s involved. Here’s our guide to the 5 stages of building a new home and if you’d like some help, please get in touch.

Stage 1:  Choose your design

The best place to begin is to visit display homes to see what’s available within your budget. At ZAC Homes, we offer a wide range of new home designs with sales consultants to help you find the right home for your lifestyle, we can even make modifications to suit your requirements and your block. If you haven’t yet acquired your block, we also offer House and Land packages to make the whole process even easier for you.

Once you’ve chosen your design, our sales consultant will prepare an initial quote and if you’d like to proceed, we’ll ask you to pay a deposit so your building journey can begin.

Stage 2:  Reports, surveys & other paperwork

Before your plans can be finalised, we’ll arrange a contour survey and geotechnical report. When we receive them, the skilled ZAC Drafters will begin plotting your dream home onto your block of land.

Then we’ll finalise the costs of building your new home (known as the tender stage) and if you are happy to proceed, the contract is prepared. Your ZAC Homes sales consultant will arrange a time for you to sign the contract and pay the deposit. This is usually the equivalent of 5% of your construction price.

Stage 3:  Obtaining approval to start building

Building your new home is getting closer now and along with dealing with a sales consultant, you will be given a dedicated Client Liaison Officer. Their role is to work with you to obtain all relevant statutory and building approvals – including the very important Construction Certificate. Once this is obtained, we’ll also ask you to provide your finance provider’s confirmation that your funds will be available when required.

Stage 4:  Building begins

Along with your dedicated Client Liaison Officer, you will also be given a dedicated Site Supervisor. Their role is to keep you informed with weekly updates on the progress of your new home and what’s planned for the following week. They’re also responsible for ensuring the building process is seamless.

Stage 5:  Quality control and handover

At ZAC Homes, we believe in building quality homes so between practical completion and handover, our Quality Control Manager will visit your new home to conduct a 200+ point quality check to ensure your home achieves our quality standards. On the day of handover, your Site Manager will meet you onsite to conduct a final walk through before handing you the keys to your new home.

The team at ZAC Homes are here to help you choose, build and move into your new home. Visit their website to explore your new home design options, or get in touch here.

Building Custom Dream Homes

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Building your custom designed home is all about turning your dreams into reality – a skill that comes from years of experience and an understanding of what customers really want. 

ZAC Homes has built its reputation around understanding exactly what its customers want and need, and with almost 23 years of experience in building custom designed homes, the company has an impressive portfolio of successfully built homes all over Sydney on blocks of all shapes, sizes and angles.

“We are one of Sydney’s leading new home builders which means that we have the experience, skills and above all, the passion to build your new custom designed home to suit your exact individual requirements and specifications”, says Peter Zaccazan, founder, owner and director of Zac Homes.

“We understand that everyone is an individual, and so having an individually-designed home that reflects both your personal tastes and unique requirements should always be the rule, and never the exception”, says Mr. Zaccazan.

Like an artistic masterpiece, Zac Homes can design your dream home starting with your initial ideas as a blank canvas. Then, from floor to ceiling theycan create a uniquely designed home that best suits your wants and needs- both for today and for tomorrow.

“It’s not only about the cost but also about the medium-to-long term benefits and features your new home will have”, says Mr. Zaccazan.

ZAC Homes simple checklist for those looking to build a custom designed property includes:

  • What is the main feature of my new home?
  • How will this home suit my family the best?
  • How many bedrooms do I want?
  • Do I have children or am I intending to start a family?
  • Where does my family spend the most of their time?
  • How much entertaining does my family do?
  • How long will I live in this home?

“At ZAC Homes, we can build a custom designed home to suit the most discerning of clients – all you need to do is to bring us your dreams”.

“We are not just builders – we are experts in listening to our clients and turning their dreams into reality”, Mr. Zaccazan says.