Hottest design trends for 2021 that will still be here in 2022 and beyond

Home design trends come and go, but with careful choices, you can build a home that will look great in years to come. It might need refreshing every now and then, but you won’t feel like a fashion victim if you take some time to understand the market.

In terms of home design and layout there’s been a few changes in recent years as family living became more casual and homes more open. Then along came the COVID pandemic in 2020 which has had a profound effect on so many parts of our lives.

With both exterior and interior design, there’s a few looks that we think will endure well beyond 2021 and even 2022 like The Hamptons, contemporary design, and industrial.

Ultimately, you should decide what will work for you and your family, and how you want your home to function and look. Don’t be a slave to fashion if it doesn’t suit your needs.

What influence is the COVID pandemic going to bring to 2022?

In both 2020 and 2021, most of us spent much more time in our own homes. Many of us worked from home, lots of kids studied from home, and holidays and big events were cancelled. It made many people rethink how they use their homes, and how this will impact the future.

Here are a few things that you should consider for your new home:

Living spaces for a specific function

Before the pandemic, we had been seeing a strong trend towards large open plan living areas. The long periods at home have led to more areas designated for a specific function. Modern open-plan living areas can hinder activities like working or schooling from home. For this reason, there is likely to be a shift towards more clearly defined spaces that can be shut-off from the open living areas when required, and opened up when not.

Working from home is here to stay

As we reach more than 18 months of the pandemic, it is looking likely that many of the office workers who based themselves at home will continue to do so, even on a part-time basis. This is leading many families to rethink their homes and are creating efficient working from home setups. In some cases, more than one person in a household is working from home which makes it more challenging.

In the past, home designs often included one study or home office, but now many people are considering how an extra space can be incorporated. In post-COVID home design, there’s a need to factor in some multi-purpose space, rather than necessarily two or more home office areas.

Outdoor living focus

Long before we’d heard of COVID, outdoor living zones had been growing in popularity around the country. Spending so much extra time at home has reinforced the need for well setup, functional outdoor living areas to be used by different family members.

A well-designed and setup alfresco area is an extension of the living space of your home and creates a private oasis where you can switch off. It can also be an area for active outdoor activities like play and exercise.

Exterior and interior home fashion trends come and go, and you don’t want to have a home that looks dated a couple of years after you build. There are a few looks that we think will last for many years to come, but ultimately it comes down to the ‘look and feel’ that you love. Choose designs that will make you smile every time you pull up out the front of your home or walk in the front door.

Hamptons with a touch of Palm Springs

The original Hamptons look comes from the elegant homes located in a group of townships on Long Island, New York, but we’ve adapted the look to suit our Australian tastes and style. It’s for that reason that it’s endured in Australia, we’ve reinvented it to suit our lifestyles, and we’ve added some elements of Palm Springs style which while similar has cleaner lines and less fussy finishes.

Hamptons is characterised by light-filled and spacious homes with a focus on natural materials and simple styling. You’ll see elements like weatherboards and timber fretwork in soft, weathered tones such as white and pale grey with blue or charcoal trims.

You can’t go wrong with contemporary design

The one look that will last well after the fashion trends have been forgotten is contemporary design with its clean lines and no-fuss details.

Contemporary design homes utilise a simple colour palette with no more than three shades, clean, minimalist lines with no visual fuss, set off by interesting angles, shadows, and features to catch the eye.

On the inside of your home, contemporary style is defined by simplicity. There’s a focus on space, highlighted by clean lines and texture. This plays out as bold colour blocks, high ceilings, and bare windows, or at least minimalist window coverings.

The rawness of industrial design

In stark contrast to The Hamptons, the industrial look draws heavily on commercial buildings with features like weathered timbers contrasting with metallics. It’s also known for plenty of texture, exposed concrete, and a minimal tonal palette.

The interiors of industrial design homes proudly show off elements that other styles choose to hide like raw materials used on floors, walls and even ceilings, like exposed brick walls, wood, and metallic surfaces.

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