Tips for visiting a display village

Display home villages like the Homeworld Villages in Marsden Park and Box Hill are a great way to see many off-the-plan dwellings in one convenient location. They are also an excellent way to see the build quality and style of homes each builder offers and to have discussions with building companies.

To make the most of a visit to display homes in Sydney or other major cities around the country, you need to prepare beforehand, to ensure you get the most out of your visit and to avoid becoming confused by so many choices.

Homeworld Marsden Park has 83 display homes from 30 builders, and Homeworld Box Hill has 110 homes and 35 builders represented. That number of homes is just too overwhelming to just rock up, and you can’t judge a home by its front exterior alone.

Before you jump in the car do some research and plan your day. Arm yourself with the details of your land, prepare a budget, research the builders, compose some questions, and book appointments.

Prepare beforehand with details of your land and more

Your first step will be to create a checklist of the mandatory features you want your new home to incorporate. Questions you need to answer could include:

  • How many family members will live in the house?
  • Will this change over time?
  • How many bedrooms?
  • How many bathrooms?
  • Do you love casual entertaining, so do you need a large kitchen and living area with al fresco dining?
  • How many cars do you need to fit in your garage?
  • Will you be working from home?

The answers to these types of questions will help you determine what you want your new home to feature.

Once you’ve got that in place you need to gather up as much information as you can about your block of land including its dimensions, gradient, easements, and more.

Prepare a budget

The single most important way to save money while building your new home is to create a realistic budget and stick to it. Your budget may be determined by how much money you can borrow to build your new home, plus any savings you may have.

This will also help you narrow down which builders you should talk to when you visit the display village. Not all builders will have pricing on their websites but with a bit of research, you can determine which ones will be in the ballpark for your budget.

Before you head out the door, you need to know exactly what you can afford and be willing to share this information with prospective builders so you’re not wasting your time or theirs.

It’s not hard to get carried away when looking at the stunning display homes in a display village, but it’s important to be realistic so that you use your time efficiently and avoid disappointment by falling in love with a home that is beyond your budget.

Research builders

With 110 Box Hill display homes, and 83 Marsden Park display homes at Homeworld it’s well beyond anyone’s time or headspace capacity to visit them all.

Well before you visit the villages do some research on the builders that will meet your criteria. As previously mentioned, budget is a major consideration but other factors like home design, size, and areas where they build need to be studied.

You could also do some anecdotal research by talking to family and friends who’ve recently built a new home, look around your area to see which companies are building nearby, and more.

Plan your day and book appointments

The number one tip we share with our customers who are visiting our display homes at Homeworld Box Hill and Homeworld Marsden Park is to limit the number of houses you visit in one day. This number will be determined by the time you have available and the results of your research.

Armed with your shortlist of builders you can plan out your day. If you don’t want to be left waiting around you could also book appointments with building companies. This ensures you definitely get to speak to the builders you have identified and have a good look at their display homes.

On the day, you can also have the flexibility to look through a few extra homes if you have time to spare but by locking in at least some appointments you know you’ll come away from the visit with vital information.

Ask questions, take photos and keep notes

Prepare some questions beforehand and ask each builder the same list of questions to make it easier to compare what they are offering.

Typical questions could include:

  • Is there flexibility in the floor plan, inclusions, facades, and more?
  • What is included in the base price and what are the extra costs?
  • What is your building process?
  • What homes can I fit on my block?

As you visit each home, and sit down and talk to the building companies, take clear notes with the date, building company and design names, and take photos on your phone to go with the notes. It is really easy to mix up the different homes and builders in your head once you get home and start thinking about which ones you liked best. Your notes will allow you to jog your memory and share your thoughts with others.

ZAC Homes display homes

ZAC Homes has two display homes at Homeworld Marsden Park – the Sorrento 24 and the California 32; and three display homes at Homeworld Box Hill – the Echo 31 Mk2, the Gemini 19/21 and the Chara 27.

These display homes provide a good representation of the quality builds from ZAC Homes, but there are many more options that the sales staff at these locations can also discuss.

Build a new home with ZAC Homes

When visiting the display homes with ZAC Homes, speak with our sales team who are experts in the home building process. They can guide you through the initial steps to building your dream home.

ZAC Homes builds with trust, respect, integrity and pride, which we work hard to deliver to every client. Call us on 1300 350 793 or send us an online enquiry and our team will work with you to design and build your dream home.

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…ZAC Homes kept us regularly up to date with the progress of our home and the job was finished on time, which was very important to us. We are one hundred percent happy with our home and can thoroughly recommend ZAC Homes and their crew to anyone contemplating building a home.

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