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Would a $15,000 grant make your new home a reality?

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What are your dreams for 2021?

If building a new home is on your wish list, you’ll want to read this … The government has extended the HomeBuilder Grant program until 31 March.

It’s great news for eligible owner-occupiers wanting to build a new home because it means you will be given a $15,000 grant to help you make your dreams come true.

To receive the grant, there are some eligibility criteria such as:

  • The home must be your principal place of residence
  • You must enter into the contract to build between 1 January – 31 March, 2021
  • The value of the property must not exceed $950,000 if located in NSW
  • Construction must commence within 6 months of the date the contract is signed
  • You must be an Australian citizen 18 years or older
  • You have until the 14 April 2021 to submit your HomeBuilder application to your local State Revenue Office

The HomeBuilder grant is NOT just for first home buyers. Anyone building a new home who meets the eligibility criteria can apply. That’s great news!

Where do you start?

Often the simplest way to build the new home of your dreams is to take advantage of a House and Land Package. ZAC Homes have a number of designs that fall below the value cap – yet everything you can imagine is included.

With over 20 years’ experience, the ZAC Homes team makes building your new home easy. You’ll have a dedicated Client Liaison Officer to help you every step of the way and answer any questions you may have. You’ll also have a site manager who ensures every aspect of building your new home is streamlined and efficient.

Depending on the option you choose, your ZAC House and Land package offers a choice of:

  • 3 or 4 bedrooms
  • 2 or 2.5 bathrooms
  • 1 or 2 car garage
  • An alfresco area
  • Caesarstone bench tops in the kitchen
  • Additional fittings such as carpet, blinds and soft landscaping of lawns and basic garden beds

All kitchen appliances have a 5-year guarantee and your new home comes with a 25 year structural guarantee. You can see the ZAC House and Land Package designs at Marsden Park and Box Hill or visit their website for more information.

Take inspiration from ZAC Homes Award Winning Displays!

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We love seeing the joy when construction begins on a customer’s new home and their excitement when we handover the keys. Nothing beats it. But there’s something that comes close and that’s being recognised for our excellence in design and craftsmanship.

That’s why the HIA Awards are so special and we’re very excited to announce that the ZAC Homes team won 2 in 2020!

HIA Best Kitchen and Display Home, 2020

In Marsden Park, our California Design won Best Kitchen and Display Home.

With a design brief to create something unlike other project homes, this home offers 4 good sized bedrooms – 3 on the first floor and 1 on the ground floor with access to a private courtyard.

The general theme for the California interior was taken directly from its mid-century inspired façade. Throughout the home you’ll find natural elements of stone and timber however the kitchen and alfresco areas are the standouts.

The kitchen has an island bench that’s 3m wide x 1m deep to form the central hub of your home and provide a vast area for entertaining and food preparation. But it’s the aesthetics of the island that you may find most appealing. Waterfall ends and a unique bronze mirrored kickboard gives the island a floating appearance.

The design of the California’s kitchen is topped off with a matt black undermount sink and matching tapware. This is repeated in the Butler’s Pantry where the materials and finishes in the kitchen are repeated.

The alfresco area has a complete kitchen with Bio-Wood spotted gum on the ceiling for a dramatic and stylishly different look. For a seamless transition from inside to out, we designed something quite unique –  recessed stacker doors that disappear into the wall cavity.

In all, the California was recognised by the HIA for its bold, edgy, modern and totally liveable design as well as the quality workmanship that can be seen throughout.

HIA Best Kitchen under 15m, 2020

Designed with young families and empty nesters in mind, the Sorento has a kitchen with real WOW factor as well as function.

When choosing the colour palette, we used the 2018 Pantone Colour of the Year (Ultra Violet) and the 2019 Pantone Colour of the Year (Living Coral). For warmth, we introduced copper tones in the undermounted sink, mixer tap, upper cabinets, splashback tiles, island pendants and in a cut out feature on the front of the island.

But this is just the beginning of the stylish features you’ll find throughout. The Sorento is also on display at Marsden Park.

Judging Criteria

While winning these awards is exciting for us, it should also provide confidence that you’re in safe hands. That’s because the judging criteria emphasises quality workmanship and design effectiveness ahead of visual appeal.

To learn more about the ZAC Homes California or Sorento display homes, get in touch or visit our Display Homes.

Should your new home build be a duplex? Absolutely!

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Building a duplex (also known as a dual occupancy) is no longer the realm of property developers. In fact, everyday Sydneysiders are investigating the possibilities and the potential financial rewards.

What is a duplex?

A duplex is two dwellings located on the one block. In Sydney, they make great financial sense given the city’s high property values.

There’s no sacrificing style or amenities when building a duplex. They will still provide everything you want and need in a home and can be built:

  • Side-by-side
  • One in front of the other
  • One upstairs and one downstairs
  • Single or double story

While it’s common to build both homes the same size, it’s not a requirement. In fact the new trend is for a style of duplex called Manner Homes. They look like one large house but are 2 individual homes – often different sizes.

Why build a duplex?

The primary reason for building a duplex rather than an individual home is the financial advantages. It’s a way of maximising the value of your land by building one home to live in and another to rent or sell. Either way, you are using your land as an income source.

It also means family household expenses such as council rates are reduced because they are shared between the two properties.

In terms of costs, there’s not a lot of difference between building one or two homes on the same block. That’s why a duplex can be built as part of a knockdown rebuild project or a new home build.

Are there any differences between building a new home or a duplex?

When it comes to building a duplex, there are a few differences:

Difference 1:  You must have a Hydraulic (stormwater) Plan. It’s used to show how rainwater will be drained from your land and where it will go.

Difference 2:  You must also have a Landscape Plan which takes into consideration your local Council’s requirements as well as the Hydraulic Plan.

Difference 3:  The potential for subdivision. In some cases, your local Council may allow you to subdivide your property into either a Torrens Subdivision or a Strata Subdivision. This would allow you to sell each home as an individual property.

Like to know more?

Building a duplex is like building a home – you need great advice and someone to guide you through the process. At ZAC Homes, we’ve built over 300 duplexes so we’re able to advise you on whether a duplex is possible for your block. In fact, we can take care of everything for you including design, approvals, construction and demolition (if you are knocking down your existing home).

If you would like to explore the financial benefits and design possibilities of building a duplex, get in touch with ZAC Homes today.

Love your neighbourhood but hate your home?

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Don’t move, Knockdown and Rebuild!

A home is more than a house. It includes your neighbourhood, your local shopping centre and the friends you see there. But when your house no longer feels like a haven, it can be tempting to uproot everything that’s familiar to find a more comfortable home.

But what if you could do both – have a new home and stay in the neighbourhood you love? It’s possible if you knock down your existing house and rebuild your new home.

Why consider a Knockdown Rebuild?

  1. It’s less disruptive. There are no open homes, real estate agents or pressure to get your home ready for sale. You simply find temporary accommodation while your old house is knocked down and your new home is built.
  • Realise the value of your land. Depending on the size and zoning of your land, you may be able to build a new home for yourself and a second home to rent or sell.
  • Get the home you want. Extending or renovating an existing home is always more expensive than building something new. But sadly, the renovation is often a compromise on what you want and what is achievable. When you build a new home, you don’t need to make those compromises.

Discover what’s possible

Too often, many people don’t explore all of their options because it seems too hard or simply because they don’t know where to start. However, as Sydney’s Knockdown Rebuild specialists, we’ll work hand-in-hand with you to ensure you’re getting the perfect option tailored to you – regardless of whether your block is narrow, sloped or a standard size. We’ll also take the guesswork out of everything, from designing your new home to arranging council approvals; the demolition of your existing home and construction of your new home.

So, if you love your neighbourhood but not your house, get in touch with us today!

Tired of dreaming about a new home?

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Tired of dreaming about a new home? See how the HomeBuilder grant can turn your dream into a reality.

Were you planning to build your first home this year … then COVID hit? You don’t need to postpone your dreams if you qualify for the Government’s $25,000 HomeBuilder grant.

Just imagine having an extra $25,000. It’s not a loan. It’s a grant which means you don’t pay it back. It’s yours if you are eligible.

About the HomeBuilder grant

The HomeBuilder grant is a government initiative to invigorate the residential building market. It can be used for new builds and substantial home renovations. To qualify, certain eligibility criteria must be met but if you do, the grant can be used to:

  • Purchase a new House and Land package
  • Build a new home on land you already own
  • Purchase off-the-plan
  • Undertake a substantial renovation on an existing house

In addition to the HomeBuilder grant, first home buyers may also be entitled to further financial assistance from:

  • The NSW Government’s First Home Owner grant and stamp duty concessions
  • Commonwealth Government’s First Home Loan Deposit Scheme and First Home Super Saver Scheme


To be eligible for the HomeBuilder grant, your new home cannot exceed $750,000 in value and you must:

  • Build a new home to live in – investment properties aren’t eligible for the grant
  • Be over 18 and an Australian citizen
  • Meet the income cap of $125,000 per annum for individuals or $200,000 for couples based on your 2018-19 taxable income
  • Sign a building contract between 4 June – 31 December, 2020 with construction commencing within 3 months of signing the contract

If it feels like a rush to begin construction within 3 months of signing the contract, don’t worry. It won’t be a problem if you choose the right building company. In addition, the Government will allow extensions under certain circumstances such as:

  • Substantial periods of bad weather
  • Delays in obtaining council approval
  • Difficulties in obtaining construction materials and/or sub-contractors

For more information on how to gain an extension on your HomeBuilder grant, click here.

Timeframes and property value

The HomeBuilder grant is only available for a limited time so don’t delay – especially if you haven’t begun planning or designing your new home. But that’s where ZAC Homes can help you. With our in-house architects, design consultants, choice of custom or display homes as well as house and land packages, building your new home could begin this year.

Don’t let 2020 be the year your dreams of a new home evaporated. Get in touch today and let’s make your new home a reality.

Marsden Park Display Home Commencement

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Construction is underway for our two brand new Display Homes over at Marsden Park! We are excited to give you all a glimpse onsite.

Take a look at our Facebook and Instagram pages to keep up to date on the build journey of these two great designs!

Interested in taking a look at our current display homes? Don’t miss out on viewing the incredible Stanford 37 at Homeworld Kellyville. Or view our 3D walkthrough by clicking here.

The Annual ZAC Homes Family Fun Day

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The ZAC Homes team and their families celebrated the 2nd Annual Family Fun Day at Belgenny Farm on Sunday and had an absolute blast! With everything from face painting, jumping castle, petting zoo to a photo booth! The team and their families were entertained for hours and enjoyed a buffet lunch in the beautiful weather.

Here at ZAC Homes we share the values of a family business. With every new starter that joins, there not just joining the team, they are joining a family of professionals who support and value one another. Sounding like a great place to work? Take a look at our jobs board or email to apply today. We look forward to seeing you on the team!

Building Custom Dream Homes

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Building your custom designed home is all about turning your dreams into reality – a skill that comes from years of experience and an understanding of what customers really want. 

ZAC Homes has built its reputation around understanding exactly what its customers want and need, and with almost 23 years of experience in building custom designed homes, the company has an impressive portfolio of successfully built homes all over Sydney on blocks of all shapes, sizes and angles.

“We are one of Sydney’s leading new home builders which means that we have the experience, skills and above all, the passion to build your new custom designed home to suit your exact individual requirements and specifications”, says Peter Zaccazan, founder, owner and director of Zac Homes.

“We understand that everyone is an individual, and so having an individually-designed home that reflects both your personal tastes and unique requirements should always be the rule, and never the exception”, says Mr. Zaccazan.

Like an artistic masterpiece, Zac Homes can design your dream home starting with your initial ideas as a blank canvas. Then, from floor to ceiling theycan create a uniquely designed home that best suits your wants and needs- both for today and for tomorrow.

“It’s not only about the cost but also about the medium-to-long term benefits and features your new home will have”, says Mr. Zaccazan.

ZAC Homes simple checklist for those looking to build a custom designed property includes:

  • What is the main feature of my new home?
  • How will this home suit my family the best?
  • How many bedrooms do I want?
  • Do I have children or am I intending to start a family?
  • Where does my family spend the most of their time?
  • How much entertaining does my family do?
  • How long will I live in this home?

“At ZAC Homes, we can build a custom designed home to suit the most discerning of clients – all you need to do is to bring us your dreams”.

“We are not just builders – we are experts in listening to our clients and turning their dreams into reality”, Mr. Zaccazan says.

The ZAC Duplex Difference

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ZAC Homes have been in business 20+ years and within this time we have seen all sorts of residential trends including the evolution of Duplexes (also called Dual Occupancies).

Dual Occupancies are two dwellings on the one block of land and can be attached or detached. Duplexes are a therefore a little more involved than doing a standard single dwelling, but when all you do is duplexes, you get pretty good at it!

Here at ZAC homes we want to make your Duplex process as stress free and simple as possible.


Firstly, you should ensure that Council permits a Dual Occupancy being built on your land. Most Councils will have a minimum lot size or width in which you must meet, in the first instance.

TIP: A current Council Section 10.7 certificate will have information on the permissibility of a Dual Occupancy, as well as information like bushfire or flooding, on the land. A quick call to Councils duty planner will let you know if there is a minimum lot or frontage requirement to build a dual occupancy along with any other special requirements e.g. subdivision. At ZAC we can help you with gathering this information if you need.


At Zac we understand that affordability associated with new developments is expensive. Being prepared for your preliminary plans and tender makes it easier and faster for us to get the ball rolling. Some points to consider are:

Budget: This can be a touchy subject, but the fact is duplexes cost more than a standard home, so budget is a big factor. Once you have an approximate budget, we can then work further with you to estimate your costs.

TIP: Having land that slopes towards the street is less expensive than one that slopes to the rear. Land that slopes to the rear requires a stormwater easement to be created or obtained.

Requirements: Do you need to demolish anything on the land (including removing any trees?) What size of house do you want? What kind of finishes would you like? Do you want to subdivide? Strata? Torrens? All these questions will need to be answered so we can quote packages to suit your needs.

TIP: ZAC homes speciality is duplexes. You can select these from our range (of 17+) or we can customise a duplex to fit not only unique blocks but also your unique requirements.


There are a few differences in the process that set duplexes apart from standard homes.

Hydraulic Plan: The most common misunderstood item is this. All duplex builds require a hydraulic (stormwater) plan designed by a qualified hydraulic engineer. The engineer will work to Councils requirements and other studies produced specifically for your stormwater catchment. The hydraulic plan shows how rainwater will be effectively drained from your land and where will it go. In most cases your hydraulics will also require On Site Detention (OSD) and often add a considerable amount to the overall price.

Landscape Plan: Working in conjunction with the hydraulic plan, Council will also require a Landscape Plan to be prepared by a qualified landscape architect/designer. As above, the landscape plan takes into account Councils requirements and the requirements of the hydraulic design.

The hydraulic design and Landscape plan (and price) cannot be fully worked out until your final plans are drawn and the house is confirmed.


In some cases, Council may have already advised you if no subdivision, Strata Subdivison or Torrens subdivision are permitted with the construction of your Dual Occupancy.  If subdivision is permitted this may be (in most cases) carried out at the same time as the application for the construction of the dual occupancy, or sometime after the dual occupancy is built. Some main differences are:

Torrens: This is the subdivision of one lot into two and there are no shared services.

Strata: If your land cannot meet the requirements for a Torrens subdivison you may be able to Strata title, similar to that of a town house or apartment building. This means that you will need to work with the resident of the other unit for joint concerns (maintaining driveway or roof, etc).

TIP: When you subdivide, you will need the help of a surveyor and / or conveyancer to change the details on the first title and to create an entirely new title that will represent the now separate second property. Once you’re the official owner to two legal residences, you can sell one or both at your leisure.

TIP: Zac covers everything from start to finish with your subdivision so if your undecided with another builder ask the question if they included these in their price?

  • Create additional power pole to both dwellings
  • Create sewer drainage to both dwellings
  • Additional NBN connections
  • Torrens / Strata subdivision plan
  • Final Torrens survey
  • Endeavour energy notice of arrangement
  • Endeavour energy Torrens application
  • Telstra arrangements letter
  • Stormwater provisions
  • Overhead wiring connections
  • New sewer junctions
  • Water service to dwelling
  • Strata title works to be carried out
  • Separate metering of services (electricity, sewer, water, gas)


We have been building duplexes for 20years + and specialise in knowing the best construction methods and giving the best advice for our clients. Key factors why our clients continue to build with us are:

  • Extensive range of 17+ duplexes
  • Broad range of façade options available
  • Customisation to suit your budget and requirements & Council
  • A Complete package price
  • Being upfront from your first meeting
  • Stress free process
  • Always updated throughout the build and council approvals

I hope this article helps answer any questions you may have with duplexes.